ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh Bus Stand

ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh Bus Stand is more than just a bus terminal; it’s a bustling hub of activity. This transportation center, located in the heart of the city in Sector 43, Chandigarh, serves as a vital link for those travelling within and around the region. With its strategic location and well-connected network, ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh plays a pivotal role in facilitating travel for commuters and tourists alike. It has proximity to Chandigarh’s most famous places such as Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, The Capitol complex, Rose Garden etc. Full Form of ISBT is Inter State Bus Terminus.

isbt sector 43

History Of ISBT sector 43 Chandigarh Bus Stand

The history of ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh Bus Stand dates back to its inauguration in 1986. It was constructed to relieve the congestion and overburdening of the original ISBT located in Sector 17, which was struggling to handle the ever-increasing influx of travelers. The opening of ISBT Sector 43 was a strategic move to decongest the city center and provide a more convenient and efficient facility for both travelers and transport operators. ISBT Sector 43 Bus Stand was designed by the Chandigarh architect, Le Corbusier. It is a large, modern building with a capacity of over 3,000 buses.

What is the distance between Sector 17 and Sector 43 Bus stand in Chandigarh?

The distance between ISBT Sector 17 and ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh Bus Stand is approximately 6 kilometers. These two prominent bus terminals are located at different sectors within the city and are well-connected via roadways. Travelling between these sectors is relatively convenient, and it takes around 15-20 minutes by road, depending on traffic conditions.
Also sector 17 bus stand caters to all the buses bound to Delhi beat it AC Volvo or an ordinary bus whereas ISBT sector 43 Bus Stand caters to the buses bound for Himachal/Punjab.

Inquiry No. at ISBT, Sector-17 , Chandigarh (Long route operation) is 0172-2700006
Inquiry No. at ISBT, Sector-43, Chandigarh (Long route operation) is 0172-2624403

How You Can Book a Bus Online at ISBT Sector 43 Bus Stand

  • Step 1: Visit a Reputable Bus Booking Website
    To book a bus ticket online, start by visiting a reputable bus booking website or a dedicated app. Several online platforms offer this service, making it easy for you to choose the one that suits your preferences.
  • Step 2: Enter Your Journey Details
    Once on the website or app, you’ll be prompted to enter your journey details. This typically includes:
    Your departure location (in this case, ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh).
    Your destination.
    The date of travel.
    The number of passengers.
  • Step 3: Browse Available Bus Options
    After providing your journey details, the platform will display a list of available bus options for your selected route. You can filter and sort these options based on factors like bus type, boarding point, departure time, and price.
  • Step 4: Select Your Preferred Bus
    Choose the bus that best fits your preferences and requirements. This could include factors like the bus operator, seating options, and departure time.
  • Step 5: Reserve Your Seats
    Once you’ve selected your preferred bus, you can proceed to book your tickets. You’ll typically be asked to specify the number of seats you want to reserve. Some platforms may allow you to choose specific seats.
  • Step 6: Provide Passenger Information
    To complete the booking, you’ll need to provide the required passenger information, including names, contact details, and any special instructions or requests.
  • Step 7: Make the Payment
    After entering passenger information, you’ll be directed to the payment page. Online bus booking platforms offer various payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and net banking. Choose the method that’s most convenient for you and make the payment.
  • Step 8: Receive Confirmation
    Once the payment is successfully processed, you’ll receive a booking confirmation that includes your ticket details. This confirmation is usually sent to your email or mobile phone as a digital ticket.
  • Step 9: Board Your Bus
    On the day of your journey, make your way to ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh, the designated boarding point. Be sure to arrive a little early to allow time for boarding procedures.
  • Step 10: Present Your Ticket
    When boarding the bus, present your digital ticket or the booking reference number to the bus staff. They will verify your booking, and you can proceed to your seat.

Facilities Offered At ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh Bus Stand

ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh, as a major transportation hub, offers a range of facilities to ensure the comfort and convenience of passengers. Here are some of the facilities you can expect to find:

  • Waiting Lounges: ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh provides waiting lounges where passengers can relax before their journey. These lounges offer seating, restrooms, and often have digital display boards for bus information.
  • Information Desk: You can find an information desk at the Sector 43 bus stand to help you with inquiries about bus schedules, routes, and other travel-related information.
  • Restrooms: Clean and well-maintained restrooms are available for passengers in ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh.
  • Food Stalls and Eateries: There are various food stalls and eateries offering a variety of snacks, beverages, and meals, allowing you to enjoy a quick bite before your journey.
  • Shops and Kiosks:  Sector 43 bus stand also has small shops and kiosks where you can shop for essentials, souvenirs, and other items.
  • Ticket Counters: Ticket counters for various bus operators are readily available, making it convenient to purchase tickets for your journey.
  • Parking Facilities: Adequate parking facilities for private vehicles are provided to accommodate commuters arriving at the bus stand by car.
  • Auto-Rickshaws and Taxis: You can easily find auto-rickshaws and taxis just outside the sector 43 bus stand, making it convenient for passengers to continue their journey to their final destinations.
  • Security and Assistance: Security personnel are present to ensure the safety of passengers. Additionally, assistance is available for travelers with special needs.
  • Accessibility: ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh is designed to be wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all passengers, including those with disabilities, can comfortably use the facilities.


Q: Are there accommodation options near ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh?
Yes, there are several hotels and guesthouses in the vicinity to suit different budgets.

Q: Can I book tickets in advance at ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh?
Yes, many bus services offer online booking options for your convenience.

Q: Is the Inter state bus terminal wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the terminal is equipped with facilities to accommodate travelers with disabilities.

Q: Are there any attractions nearby sector 43 bus stand?
Yes, you can explore nearby attractions like the Rose Garden and Sukhna Lake.


Over the years,  ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh Bus Stand has witnessed several developments and modernizations. These improvements have been aimed at providing better facilities and services to travelers. The terminal has been equipped with modern amenities, including waiting lounges, information centers, and well-maintained restrooms, ensuring a comfortable experience for passengers. Inter state bus terminal has a rich history of serving as a vital transportation hub, connecting Chandigarh with neighboring states. Its inception in 1986 marked a significant milestone in the city’s development, and it continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of modern travel.

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